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Turquoise Custom Cutters

About Us

We Sell PLA-based 3D printed cookie cutters designed with a focus on being environmentally friendly. 


Processing Time 5 to 10 days

Everything is print to order. Please understand that our turn around time is merely an estimate. There is absolutely no way to know how long each order will take since each order is very different from each other. We print around the clock 7 days a week.



Cookie Cutters are measured by the longest side


Cookie Cutter Design

Our cookie cutters are made with PLA, we try to be as Eco Friendly as we can be. Our cutter design is easy on the eyes, printed in our signature Turquoise Shades of filament. You start with a nice Handle that is reinforced to provide the strength needed.Then a double blade for clean cuts. These cutters have a label bar as well.


Material Care

Because of the nature of PlA our cookie cutters are HAND WASH ONLY. Do not use hot water to wash, do not soak your cutters in water. Avoid any contact with heat or your cutter will warp\and or melt. NOT DISHWASHER SAFE!!!

PLA cutter can be damaged if not stored properly. Store away from heat and moisture 


Cutting Tips

When cutting, wiggle your cookie cutter for best results. Use flour to keep the dough from sticking to the cutter. When cutting cookie dough cold dough works best.

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